Parent Testimonials

Both of our kids went to TLS for Pre K 3 and Pre K 4. To say we've loved their experience is an understatement.  The teachers have been wonderful in helping our kids blossom and become the confident and individual people they are. The personal attention and genuine care provided by the teachers and staff of TLS is greatly appreciated! Imparting respect and values while cultivating open-mindedness and a sense of universal acceptance is impressive. Thank you, TLS. We will miss you! (But we'll certainly come visit!)

— Eric Sciotto

In one word, EXTRAORDINARY! Trinity Lutheran School is the perfect, nurturing, and loving environment for Toddlers, Pre-K children and Kindergarteners. The faculty and staff are very caring and are well prepared to provide the children a strong foundation, as well as the discipline and love for learning that begins in the very important early years. Whenever my children and I walk through the front door, it’s like coming home.

— Connie Le

We’ve had our older daughter at Trinity since she was 2 and is now in Mrs. Ulisse’s Kindergarten class, and our younger daughter also since she was 2, now in Mrs. Rivera’s 3-year-old class.  Throughout all of the years and classes, both of our girls have always come home happy and always wake up excited to go to school.  Trinity has been a great experience for our family – educational, fun, economic, convenient, and flexible, always willing to work with us if the need arises. We are very happy Trinity parents!

— Archak & Jacquie Ter-Meliksetian

We love this school! TLS has been such a wonderful experience for our family.  Both of our children started in the Pre-K 3 class.  Our daughter has just entered Kindergarten this year and our son will head to Kindergarten next year.  It has been such a comfort knowing our children are in such a loving, caring, and nurturing environment. The teachers and staff, who have been there a long time, are truly amazing!  They genuinely care about the children and help them thrive, emotionally, socially, and academically.  They are MORE than prepared for Kindergarten.  They take the time to connect with the parents on a daily basis and communicate about the details of our children’s days. We know that when our children are at TLS, they are well cared for, safe, and happy.  We are grateful and proud to be part of such a wonderful school. We & especially our children love you!

— Tina & Michael Schreck

Trinity is a great school with a wonderful family environment.  My son attended Trinity for two years.  In those two years the people we met both teachers and other parents are like family.  Not only is there a wonderful family environment, but the teachers prepare the students for their upcoming early education years.  When my son entered Kindergarten, both my husband and I were confident he would do well because of the preparation he had, and after experiencing the first week of elementary school he had a sense of confidence also. Trinity is an excellent school for many reasons.  Their sense of family and pride in their work.  I always recommend Trinity to parents looking for pre-school education because I am so happy with the experience we had.

— Raeann Schwartz

We are incredibly thankful that both of our children attended Trinity Lutheran School through Kindergarten.  Not only did Trinity Lutheran provide an excellent academic environment in which our children thrived, it also provided a nurturing, creative and family based environment that helped our kids develop self-esteem and confidence.  The teachers at Trinity Lutheran are incredible people.  They take the time to get to know the children and work with them individually to help them achieve more than thought possible.  We were not shocked that both of our children entered first grade academically ahead of the majority of their peers.  We will forever be grateful to the team at Trinity Lutheran School for embracing our family and helping our children develop a love of learning at such an early age.

— Jodi, Kim, Grace and Jack

My family has been associated with Trinity Lutheran School for the last 15 years.  My niece and nephew started there and my sister taught there.  I had volunteered in order to help out my sister and spend time with my niece and nephew.  Trinity Lutheran School helped kick start our children’s education.  The student to teacher ratio is great, the facility makes for a great educational atmosphere and the staff has always made us feel comfortable and at home.  My three children have benefited greatly from their time at Trinity Lutheran School.  The education, the individual attention, the plays, trips, and my favorite, the Thanksgiving Feast have created lifelong memories for not only my children but for my wife and I.  If you are looking for a safe and special environment for your children to get a jump on their education I would strongly consider Trinity Lutheran School.

— Jim Sepp