Program Overview

2 Year-Old Program: Toddling at Trinity

2s At Oatmeal TableThis program is designed for our youngest students and is offered two, three or five days a week.  Our toddlers learn through hands-on activities and self-discovery.  Our teachers are very supportive of their developing language skills and offer encouragement.  Many opportunities are provided to develop beginning socialization skills.  Music and movement activities are also part of the day.  Our toddlers learn to follow simple directions and self-help skills, such as potty training and the ability to separate from their families.

3 Year-Old Nursery Program

3s Empty Classroom 3We have a variety of programs for our 3-year-olds.  Classes are offered three or five half or full days a week.  Children learn communication and socialization skills.  They learn their colors, shapes, the alphabet and counting skills.  In gym our young children work on the development of their coordination.  Children must turn three by December 31st and must be COMPLETELY TOILET TRAINED.  No diapers or pull-ups of any kind are permitted.

4 Year-Old Pre-Kindergarten Program

4s Working 2The four-year-olds work on developing their social skills.  Through age-appropriate activities they will learn the letters of the alphabet and work on writing their names.  They will enjoy finger plays and stories as they develop literacy skills.  Hands-on activities will reinforce number recognition.  Computers are used for enrichment and reinforcement of concepts introduced.  Class trips to educational sites also enrich experiences.


Kindergartners at Work 3The Kindergarten curriculum runs in conjunction with programs used by some area schools.  Our Kindergarten students learn beginning reading skills.  They begin blending sounds into words and words into sentences.  Science, Social Studies, Math, Health, Computers, Religion and Music are also part of the curriculum.  A Kindergarten Handbook explaining the curriculum as well as the daily routine is available in the office.  Children must be 5 by December 31st.  Readiness for Kindergarten is determined by consultation with teachers and the Principal.